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What is Personality?

Our personality is what makes us unique. It is composed of traits that influence how we react and behave in response to a variety of situations and can also influence us to act in certain ways. Our personality impacts our approach to life, how we process information and interact with others. It is what makes us distinct and explains why others might struggle with tasks we find easy or why some people cope with stress better than you might. For some, personality might explain why meeting new people can be energizing but, for others it can be exhausting.



Our personality is a strength for us in some situations but can create challenges in other situations. For example, you might be a conscientious person and probably do well in school. You might plan ahead, are mindful of deadlines and thoughtful. All of these things would contribute to your success in school or career. But being too conscientious might also lead you to overwork and get burned out or be too serious and forget to have fun.


Building self-awareness and a better understanding of our personality and how it influences us (in both positive and challenging ways) gives us the power to reach our goals more effectively. With self-awareness we can leverage our personality strengths and talents and ensure that our goals are not derailed by elements of our personality that are counterproductive.


UniVenture is a study designed to build self-awareness about aspects of our personality that may get in the way of our goals and aquire tools to overcome these obstacles. When you participate in UniVenture you will meet others who share similar personalities to your own and together, with a trained facilitator, work to discover ways to help you achieve your goals.


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