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About The Study

UniVenture is a wellness study designed for university students modelled after an existing, successful, and internationally recognized and utilized program called PreVenture. The study offers specialized workshops that help students learn and develop useful skills, set long-term goals and channel their unique personalities toward achieving them.

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"UniVenture is a partnered research study with the goal to test, adapt and share an effective, sustainable targeted wellness program"

University Partners

UniVenture is a multi-site study that includes workshops for undergraduate students at five representatively diverse Canadian university sites. Students can attend workshops at Dalhousie, St. Francis Xavier, Montreal, York or British Columbia Okanagan.

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This program uses the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (SURPS) to determine which students are eligible to participate based on the personality type they align with. The four personality dimensions are Negative Thinking (NT), Anxiety Sensitivity (AS), Sensation Seeking (SS), and Impulsivity (IMP).

Stronger Together

This partnership involves social science experts, university Student Affairs, student-led organizations, on-campus clinics, and other partner organizations. These partners bring together the necessary scientific and practical knowledge, expertise, lived experience, and knowledge sharing capacity to tackle this critical social issue in a manner that no one group could alone. 

Dalhousie University

Clinical Psychology Training Program

Office of the Vice President Research & Innovation


Student Affairs

Faculty of Science and Department of Psychiatry

Dean of Science’s Science FOR initiative

President’s Office 

Health promotion society (HPRO)

Department of Community Health and Epidemiology 

Université de Montréal

Clinicians - Psycho education

Clinicians - Psychology

Law Faculty



Success Support Center

Student Affairs

Centre de Soutien a la reussite

University of British Columbia Okanagan

Psychology Clinic

Clinical Training

Students for Healthy Alternatives & Risk Prevention (SHARP)

Student Affairs

Okanagan Planning and Institutional Research

York University

Psychology Clinic

Student Counselling and Development

Student Services

Undergraduate Psychology Student Association (UPSA)


St. Francis Xavier University

Student Affairs

SPOR Support Units

British Columbia